Clementine 9.0

It is a program that allows you to play your favorite music

Clementine is a free, multi-platform music player that works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. With support for all the popular audio files, the program is an interesting, free option for those in need of an application that besides playing music is capable of organizing a music collection.

One of the most interesting features of Clementine is its ability to play music from a variety of sources: it can play audio CDs and tracks in your local/portable drives, and also music from online services like, Spotify, Grooveshark, Google Drive , and more. This way, it integrates all your music in one single place, with all the advantages it implies. However, for Spotify or Grooveshark, for example, you will need premium accounts.

Clementine's interface looks pretty much like any other player, providing a smart and versatile environment to handle your collection. It has the basic player controls, with cross-fade and repeat functions, which can be accessed via the player bar or by means of hotkeys. While a song is playing, the app shows you the album cover along with some basic information about the artist, and lyrics. If your library has some tracks with missing or incorrect tags, the application can connect to the web to find their corresponding information so as to simplify music organization.

As regards playlists, the app can automatically create smart and dynamic playlists based on your playback habits, and of course, it lets you create your own lists of favorite tracks. If you have an extensive collection, the search bar at the top of the screen will help you quickly find albums and songs in your library.

As far as design and layout go, Clementine doesn't look particularly slick, but it allows for some customization and lets you change its color combinations. Other features to mention include the possibility of transcoding audio files, visualizations, notifications, and more.

In short, Clementine is a straightforward player that stands out for its good audio quality and the loads of functions it offers to manage your music collection.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Free
  • Plays music from different sources
  • Feature-rich
  • Includes an audio converter
  • Simple design


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